Small Pet Boredom

We’ve all been there – our small pet is bored and just sitting there doing absolutely nothing. Of course, we want the absolute BEST for our pets so we go online and find cute ideas for playtime. Except … the instructions are way off and your toy turns out to be some piece of string attached to a block of wood. Eek. If this has happened to you, Playtime is the page perfect for your needs! The toys are guaranteed to make your pet happy. Check it out!

Bunny Cardboard Castle


It seems I have forgotten to properly introduce myself! My name (Online) is Bunny! I have two beautiful rabbits, a Lion Head and a Mini Rex, and a gorgeous Ragdoll cat. I also plan to get two guinea pigs in August – from a shelter, of course! To read more about me, you can check out the Bio page. Happy hopping! <3


Technical Difficulties

You might have heard about the Discussion page. I’m sorry to say it has been delayed – the chat room doesn’t seem to be showing even though it’s been repeatedly copied as HTML. If any of you think you know the solution to this problem, please feel free to leave a comment. Sorry for the delay but it’s worth the wait!


Pages are being posted

As you can see, more and more pages are popping up here and there. Soon, the Discussion page will have it’s chat room, we’ll be seeing games, and videos. Keep waiting!

Up and Hopping

Hello there! It’s LBB here, or you can just call me Bunny as my username shows. LittleBabyBunny is a site all about … animals! Any kind of animal, you can discuss it here and find information on it. Of course, we just launched today, but you can certainly expect us to be in really good condition within less than a month. Please stick around to see new updates and information.


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